The Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition wants to reform the barbaric practices of child marriages, genital mutilations, honor killings, and dress code restrictions by initiating a cultural and religious revolution throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

DISCLAIMER: The Middle Eastern Women's Coalition serves the sole purpose of spreading awareness on the dangers of Sharia Law, child marriages, Christian persecution, genital mutilations, anti-semitism, and honor killings. Middle Eastern Women's Coalition does not collect donations and was established for the intent of national awareness and to promote human rights. 

"Freedom for women all over the world!"


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The Coalition for Middle Eastern Women’s Rights Our organization represents a union of thousands of women of Middle Eastern descent in the U.S. who are actively working to promote gender equality throughout the world. It includes doctors, lawyers, authors, and celebrities. We are committed to informing the American people about the plight of Middle Eastern women, in the hope of reaching as wide an audience as possible. We will not relent in our fight for women’s rights and our staunch opposition to Middle Eastern practices such as child marriages, genital mutilation, violence directed against women, repressive Islamic dress codes, polygamy, temporary and arranged marriages, honor killings, and unfair inheritance laws.

We came to this country because of the freedoms and rights offered to all citizens regardless of gender under the U.S. Constitution. We are proud to be American citizens. But we recognize that millions of women in the Middle East don’t enjoy these freedoms, and are forced to live under fanatical and repressive religious regimes, denied basic human rights, freedoms and dignity. Our mission is to give voice to these oppressed women and promote a greater awareness of their suffering. We will not rest until these women are granted full equal rights to those of Middle Eastern men, and treated with honor, respect and dignity.

The mainstream media does not give sufficient coverage to the plight of these women or give adequate voice to the abhorrent conditions under which they live. Politicians, particularly on the left of the political spectrum, have ignored our message. But they must speak out on behalf of the plight of women suffering under abusive conditions in the Middle East. They cannot ignore the truth that women and children in the Middle East are being denied basic human rights, in large part because of regimes that are acting in the name of retrograde, barbaric and antiquated customs and religious practices. We demand governance that respects the laws of strict separation between religion and state. We demand freedom of religious practice, and freedom and full human rights under democratic secular law.


Safety: Freedom from their peer violence. We want to see the world free of ‎violence against women in all its forms.‎

Independence: Economic freedom and justice. We envision the women and ‎girls to have a choice in the work they choose and are paid equally; and ‎have all the rights within the workplace.‎

Freedom: Guidance and Leadership. We envision women to lead without ‎fear of retaliation.

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